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Tradespeople Wanted in Australia

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Tradespeople Wanted in Australia

Doctors, lawyers, and engineers aren’t the only people who have the opportunity to immigrate to a beautiful foreign country. As many other countries, Australia needs skilled tradespeople. From electricians to cabinet makers and everything in between – if you are a skilled tradesperson with experience in one of these related occupations, you might just be what Australia needs.

Australia is experiencing a shortage of skilled tradesmen and women. There is a demand for several key construction jobs in New South Wales and Queensland. While tradesmen from the United Kingdom is particularly high in demand, anybody who meets the necessary criteria can apply. You will be able to apply for entry on the basis of a skilled independent subclass visa 189, which will allow you permanent residence in Australia, or a skilled nominated 190 subclass visa. The processing times for these visas can take less than six months. For 457 temporary work visas, it could possibly be even less.

Here are some of the most in-demand occupations available for skilled tradespeople who wish to immigrate to Australia:

Australia needs skilled Electricians
Electricians usually read blueprints or technical diagrams. They are also required to install and maintain wiring, control, and lighting systems, as well as inspect electrical components, like circuit breakers and transformers.

Australia needs skilled Fabricators
Fabricators use technical drawings, blueprints, and other specifications in order to construct metal products, as well as numerous products ranging from sheet metal parts to more complex metal molds. Some fabricators create pieces for larger projects, such as the construction of bridges or machines.

Australia needs skilled Bricklayers
Bricklayers have the responsibility of setting up and repairing bricks, concrete blocks, stone and other masonry units during either the construction or repair of structures like walls, partitions, patios, paving, arches, fireplaces, chimneys, and smokestacks. Bricklayers are also in charge of the installation of firebrick in commercial and industrial incinerators and furnaces.

Australia needs skilled Plasterers
A plasterer is a tradesman who works with plaster, such as forming a layer of plaster on an interior wall or plaster decorative moldings on walls or ceilings.

Australia needs skilled Roof Tilers
Roof tilers are building workers who specialize in everything relating to roofs. They use their skills to construct, clad and waterproof different roof structures and install rainwater goods, as well as flashing.

Australia needs skilled Carpenters
Carpenters typically follow building plans and blueprints in order to meet the needs of their clients. They also install structures and fixtures, like molding and windows, as well as measure, shape, or cut wood, plastic, and other materials.

Australia needs skilled Cabinet Makers
Cabinet Makers are responsible for building and installing cabinets in homes and other buildings. Their duties include discussing the requirements with clients, designing cabinets to the client’s specifications, building and installing items, handling customer relationships and complaints, and maintaining stock and supplies.

If you are indeed skilled in one of these occupations then Australia might be able to utilize your skills. So why not start the process now and perhaps soon you could be working and living in Australia.

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