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Student Visas Australia

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Student Visas Australia
Student Visa allows international students to study at world-renowned universities, colleges, high schools, elementary schools or other academic institutions

Student Visas Australia
Australia is a culturally diverse, racially tolerant society that welcomes and offers opportunity to those who wish to settle here. From the vast landscape and the exotic flora and fauna to the cosmopolitan cities, Australia is a beautiful and varied place of contrasts, and a vital destination for work, business and tourism.

Study Visas for Australia

Education in Australia is a flexible, innovative and recognized worldwide. There is a lot of information to gather and process for student applications and usually takes months, but it is important to plan your trip well.

Our role is to assist you with choosing the right school, right place to study and right course for you. We will advise you on what to look for, when to arrive and how to plan your temporary settling in Australia and how it can affect your future.

What to study?

Australia offers an extreme variety of courses, starting from basic English to PHD.

Choose any level of education:

· Language courses ELICOS – from beginners to advanced, evening or day study. many options as : IELTS preparation, TOFL preparation, English for teachers etc. In most colleges English classes start every Monday. Universities sometimes run English in semesters. On the end you receive certificate, often required for further studies.

· VET courses (Vocational Technical Qualification, Certificates and Diplomas). It is probably the biggest market in Australia, variety of courses is endless. Courses are offered by private collages, public TAFE and Universities. Most common are courses which helps with further emigration process, but there is so much more. Courses starts usually 4 times a year ( January, April, July, October).

· University studies. Universities has campuses in various cities and towns, including regional Australia. To be accepted you must demonstrate English skills on required level ( each course has different requirements), sometimes work experience or previews education is required. Some courses starts 4 times a year, but most only 2 times in main intake; January and July. Application to university is payable and may take weeks to process.

Where to study?

Anywhere. Each region, city or even smaller towns has approved educational providers for international students. You can change location during your studying; you may travel with your School or you may decide to stay in one place.

Study in big cities or small regional towns, we can explain the benefits of both to you. There is a lot of factors when considering where to stydy. Those are some factors you shell consider:

· big cities: many schools, usually cheaper due to high competition, great for younger people looking for fun, sharing apartments and looking for after hours job. Public transport can be expensive and reasonable housing close to city is difficult. Many unfair schools, so be careful as what seems to b to good to be true, is just that.

· smaller cities, or towns : less schools, but often with very good programs. Easier accommodation and transport. less competition for work but also less options. Australians like to know you before they give you work, so it may take sometime before you find job.

· regional Australia: great to experience ”typical” Aussie spirit. You may meet great people, great nature, there is many options for immigration and relationship with people are much stronger. There is few regional schools, mostly run by TAFE (government founded) offering great conditions, great education.

There is no age limit so nearly everybody can be a student in Australia. You can study English, VET courses or on University. In each case visa subclass will be different and condition of the visa can be different.

· 570 English courses. Give right to work 40 hrs / fortnight

· 572 VET courses. Certificate and Diploma courses organized by private colleges or universities. Give right to work 40 hrs / fortnight.

· 573 Higher Education. Currently many universities has permission for streamline visa processing, which means easier and faster decision. Give right to work 40 hrs / fortnight and often full time for partner.

All countries are divide in to assessment levels for student visa purposes. Based on what is your country of origin, that assessment level you are.

Requirements are different for each assessment level.