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Average Salaries in Canada 2016

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August 23, 2016
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August 30, 2016

Average Salaries in Canada 2016

Canada is a dream destination for immigrants from all across the world due to their excellent healthcare and education system, beautiful landscapes and of course their high-paying jobs. And, to top it all off, Canada is always looking for immigrants to help them meet their labour needs.

According to a recent report by Miner Management Consultants, by the year 2031 Canada will have a labour shortage of roughly 2 million workers. This means that Canada needs foreign workers to come into the country and help them meet their labour requirements. Because of this, Canada is one of the few countries who is always encouraging immigration.

So immigrants are being accepted with open arms in this beautiful country and being offered Canadian salaries that are several times higher than the average South African salary they would earn for doing the exact same work. For instance, the average teacher salary in South Africa is R130,000 per annum, whereas the average teacher salary in Canada is R760,000 per annum. That means that Canadian salaries for teachers is almost six times as high.

Even when it comes to higher skilled professions that are known for their high paying salaries, such as medical doctors, Canadian salaries are still far higher. South African doctors receive an average annual salary of R440,000 per annum, whereas a medical doctor practicing medicine in Canada, will receive an average annual salary of R1,950,000. Once again that is over four times what a doctor practicing medicine in South Africa will earn. There are very few jobs in South Africa where you will be able to earn R2 million in a single year.

Of course not everyone has a degree. And even though Canada is always trying to attract highly skilled workers, they also need low and middle skilled workers. The average Canadian salaries for these jobs are also far more than the average South African salaries. For instance, a caregiver in South Africa earns an average salary of R49,000 per annum, whereas Canadian salaries for caregivers is on average R320,000 per annum. That is almost seven times as much as the South African average salary for a caregiver.

Clearly Canada is offering a better lifestyle for all immigrants who enter their borders. Not only when it comes to higher Canadian salaries, but also free healthcare, a great education system and the comfort of knowing that you live in safe and culturally diverse country.


Job Salary
Teachers Elementary/Primary R760,000
  Secondary/High School R760,000
  University Professor R890,000
Nurses Nurse Aides R380,000
  Midwives R730,000
  Nurse Practitioner R760,000
  Head Nurses R810,000
  Registered Nurse R760,000
HR Specialists   R760,000
Pharmacists   R970,000
Doctors   R1,950,000
Engineers Software Engineers R890,000
  Mining Engineers R1,001,000
  Chemical Engineers R890,000
  Electrical Engineers R870,000
  Mechanical Engineers R810,000
  Civil Engineers R890,000
Architects   R780,000
Accountants   R680,000
Chartered accountants   R680,000
Bookeepers   R430,000
Social workers   R760,000
Caregivers   R320,000
Chefs   R380,000


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