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Permanent Residency via Express Entry Programme

Work and live
in Canada

Permanent Residency via Express Entry Programme
Canada is a culturally diverse, racially tolerant society that welcomes and offers opportunity to those who wish to settle here.

Permanent Residency via Express Entry Programme
With Express Entry Program, individuals with specific skills and capabilities are encouraged to migrate to Canada, not only to improve the economy and the work force, but to give individuals from all over the world a chance to live the fun, yet hardworking lifestyle that Canada is renowned for.

Permanent Residency in Canada

The Express Entry visa system is designed for individuals who have the qualifications, skills or experiences to fill Canada's skill shortages and contribute to the Canadian economy. Up to 200 000 High Skilled Visas will be granted in 2016. Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the minimum visa requirements including having work experience in a managerial, skilled or semi-skilled occupation as well as meeting the pass mark on a points-based assessment. Successful applicants will obtain Canadian permanent residence, which will entitle them to live and work in Canada. The Express Entry system involves two (2) steps:

Step 1. Completion of Express Entry Profile

Candidates will complete an Express Entry profile. This is a secure form that gathers information about applicant’s:

• skills, • work experience, • language ability, • education, and • other details that will help assess their eligibility.

Those who meet the criteria will be accepted into a pool of candidates. Anyone who does not already have a job offer or a nomination from a province or territory, must register with The Employment Job Bank. Job Bank will eventually help connect Express Entry candidates with eligible employers in Canada.

Step 2. Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada

Candidates will be ranked against others in the pool using a point-based system that will assess the profile information candidates submit, including:

• skills, • work experience, • language ability, • education and other factors.

A candidate can get additional points for:

• a job offer, or • a nomination by a province or territory

Canadian Goverment will choose candidates from the pool through regular “draws”, choosing a pre-determined number of candidates with the highest scores from the pool and inviting them to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.

If someone is invited to apply, they will have sixty (60) days to submit an online Application for Permanent Residence.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will process the majority of complete Applications (meaning those with all the necessary supporting documents) in six (6) months or less.

Candidates can stay in the pool for up to twelve (12) months. If they do not get an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence within twelve (12) months of submitting an Express Entry profile, they may submit a new profile. If they still meet the criteria, they can re-enter the pool. This will prevent backlogs and ensure quick processing times.