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Why Justin Trudeau Is One Of The Best Politicians This World Has Ever Seen

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Why Justin Trudeau Is One Of The Best Politicians This World Has Ever Seen

Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada and leader of its Liberal Party. The 44-year-old PM is the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history. He is charming, handsome, has a great sense of humour and he is totally hip. Doesn’t sound like your average politician, does it? Well, that is exactly why the world is crazy about the young Canadian leader.

We are so used to boring grumpy old men in grey suits telling us what to do, Justin is a breath of fresh air – and perhaps even the start of a whole new era of political candidates. While many may argue that Trudeau is too young for the post, strongly disagree. He is more than a charismatic art graduate with a full head of hair. Which is why we decided to highlight some of the reasons why Justin Trudeau is one of the best politicians this world has ever seen.

He a hero to refugees

Trudeau is a strong supporter of refugee programs. While certain leaders *cough* Trump *cough*, are deadest to keep refugees and immigrants altogether out of their countries, Trudeau is accepting them with open arms – literally. Since November 2015, 28,000 Syrian refugees have been welcomed into Canada and Trudeau personally greeted the refugees upon their arrival at the airport in December, where he proceeded to give them winter coats.

He is a feminist

Trudeau has openly admitted to being a feminist (something most men seem fundamentally uncappable of). To quote him directly, “If you’re a progressive, you really should be a feminist because it’s about equality. It’s about respect. It’s about making the best of the world that we have.”

He encourages clean energy

Trudeau is fighting climate change and encouraging clean energy practices. A whopping 81% of Canada’s electricity is already provided by hydroelectric, wind, solar, and nuclear power

He supports the LGBT community

Trudeau is an LGBT ally and was the first sitting prime minister to march in Toronto’s Pride Parade. He has also attended pride parades before, including the Toronto parade in 2013 and the Vancouver parade in 2015.

He assigned a diverse cabinet

When Trudeau was sworn in as the 23rd prime minister, he assembled a diverse cabinet with an equal amount of men and women. When he asked to explain why this was, he responded by simply saying “Because it’s 2015.” – Smooth Justin, real smooth.

His campaign strategy was graceful and peaceful

We all witnessed the ugliness of the 2016 US presidential elections where the candidates spent more time attempting to insult, degrade and belittle their opponents than they did trying to convey their non-existent plans to improve America (building a wall isn’t a plan, it is something you would hear if a racist stooge became president). Well Trudeau took a different approach – rather than insulting opposing parties, he concentrated on his own and even poked a little fun at himself.



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