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Gareth SeymourLocal Guide ·  3 months ago- We experienced an efficient and smooth process. Great service overall.

Marijke Vermaak1 review 3 months ago- We are extremely grateful to Simone at Migrate for successfully helping us through the Express Entry process for Canada, and we were very happy with their services. The application and approval process all went very smoothly, and we received our Confirmation of Permanent Residency much faster than expected (my husband’s detailed review, giving 5* on this process is further down)

This review is an UPDATE on landing process in Canada during the COVID pandemic.
Although extensions on landing deadline were available, we chose to continue our landing due to a personal situation which meant we needed to get there sooner than later. The lead up to traveling was a very stressful time for us, in light of constantly changing travel restrictions and incomplete information.

At this point of the process we honestly found it more helpful to rely on the communications from IRCC and the Canadian border services agency on Twitter and their websites. There was a lead time to get advice on our specific situation from Migrate’s consultant in Canada and the advice was not updated in a timely way – eg. we received initial advice that we could not travel, however the restrictions changed in our favour days later and we did not get an update for several weeks. Luckily, we were monitoring the IRCC announcements ourselves. (Hence the 3*)

Having said that, these were unprecedented circumstances and we did not expect this as part of Migrate’s services. Simone’s general guidance on landing documents required was very detailed and comprehensive as usual and we found ourselves to be over prepared (which is good!) for any questions that might come our way during the landing.

A few things about our landing experience during the pandemic, which may be useful to others considering their landing during this time:
-Flight: Airline check-in agents were aware of the exemption to travel restrictions for COPRs and we had no issues boarding.
-Landing – overall, the landing process was surprisingly smooth. Downloading and completing the info on the app saves time but is optional. Paper forms are available, and most passengers were doing this. Note that all travelers have to complete the app separately/individually otherwise you have to fill in the paper forms anyway.
-We did not have time to register or contact the embassy as advised by Migrate at the time and this was not necessary/ we were never asked about this.
-Self-isolation plan – From federal government we got some verbal questions at immigration to confirm our type of accommodation and that we would not be in contact with others. After getting through customs we had to talk to someone from provincial government about our plan. They asked about our accommodation, how we would get there, and how we would arrange food. We had to provide an address and contact phone number. They were fine with us taking a taxi to our accommodation. N

Benjamin Mlotchwa1 review 4 months ago- Working with Migrate International has made the entire process simple and manageable. Simone has been very helpful ensuring that all requirements are correct acceptable.

Manashka Mathura1 review 4 months ago- Migrate International has taken the hassle out of the immigration process. They have made the process simple and easy to journey with their expertise and pleasant disposition. Simone and Andre have been amazing. Can’t wait to move. Fingers crossed.

Tracy Ferreira1 review 4 months ago- Fabulous, friendly, helpful service from Debbie from Migrate International. Answered all of my questions, putting my mind at ease every step of the way. Grateful for their service, experience and knowledge. Highly recommended.

Nanette Nell2 reviews 4 months ago- We got exceptional overall service from Migrate International. Debbi, who was our Immigration Case Manager was exceptional, she was very supportive and patient during the entire process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, the cost of using Migrate International is worth every cent for the peace of mind one gets during the entire process.

Kylee Preston2 reviews 4 months ago- Been the best choice I’ve made in this tough journey! Debbie has been a God send and will do anything to assist anytime ! They’ve walked every step of the way with me and have managed my application both professionally and speedily.
Thank you

Lerushan Naiker1 review 3 months ago- This review specifically pertains to our Consultant, Debbi.

From the very beginning, the entire process was mapped out in detail so we knew which documents were needed and by when, as well as knowing the full cost of the process. There were no hidden or unanticipated costs.

Debbi was always extremely prompt whenever we needed assistance via email or telephonically. Weekly progress phone calls were setup and committed to unless not necessary. There was never an issue of miscommunication or misunderstanding.

When submitting the final documents for the express entry PR profile, Debbi reviewed all documents meticulously and promptly answered all detailed queries I had.

Debbi also went above and beyond to help us, particularly when urgent documentation was needed to assist with the DHA. Without her assistance, I’m sure we’d still be waiting for some documents!

Our overall experience with Debbi was great. For such a big life-changing process, one would want such a transition to be as convenient as possible, and she definitely did her utmost best to make that a reality.

Lindsay Howell4 reviews5 months ago-

I recently engaged the services of Migrate International and have been really impressed by their dedicated and professional team. They immediately put my mind at ease regarding all required steps and have been supportive and courteous in every interaction. Specifically, I would like to thank Tiffini and Debbie for their continued effort and support. They are both extremely efficient – from their turn around times to providing sound guidance throughout the process. I have no reservations in recommending this team’s services. Thanks again!

Beatrix Green

I would hereby like to highly recommend Gail for her fast, efficient and professional services rendered to me at all times. Her kind approach, accurate conveying of crucial information, as well as positive demeanor is to be applauded. Her assiduous work ethic, punctuality and effective, clear communication certainly gives her the much accolades she deserves.
I hereby definitely recommend Gail to all prospective clients. Thank you for Migrate International for facilitating this smooth process for me.


Hi Gail,
Thank you so much for your professional service! You have taken a personal interest in case, you explained everything clearly to me and made sure I understood the process and the benefits of it all. I follow Canadian news and I listen to their radio stations not once did you lie to me about the figures the news or any related information regarding the immigration process. You did not try to make it seem more attractive by lying to me and I appreciate your honesty and up to date knowledge regarding your work. I would recommend Gail to anyone who would want to have an honest, reliable and genuine consultant who will provide the most recent information and expresses a true interest in you.


Hi Nikita,
I just wanted to thank you and Tammy for your professional introduction and
initial consultations. We appreciate that your process is well thought out,
structured, well communicated and executed.
We also appreciate that you have both made yourselves available for all of
our questions, providing responses that indicated your detailed knowledge of
the Canadian immigration system.
We look forward to working with you in the future.


Hi Nikita,
Max and I are so happy we finally receive our ITA and thank you so much for all your hard work in assisting us.
It was definitely stressful, especially when my profile changed its status twice and you had to re-do it from scratch again and again. Thank you for doing that so promptly and for being calm and supportive during this time. Your advice, support and willingness to go the extra mile has been most appreciated!
I would and have recommended Migrate International to anyone wanting to try emigrate! I give permission to MI to post my testimonial on your website.
Enjoy your weekend!


To Whom It May Concern
After making my application to start my immigration process both Gail and Tammy have been with me through every step clearly explaining each of the required processes and trying, where they can, to expedite it as much as possible whilst being considerate of my daily requirements in a professional capacity.
This was highly appreciated as life can be demanding but their assistance makes ease of all of the hassles one might incur (if any at all that is).


Hi Niki,
Thanks for the opportunity to review;
“Nikita has been wonderful to work with since the beginning. Her work ethic is just brilliant and her advice has been superb. I have no regrets whatsoever concerning the decision to choose Migrate International and having Nikita as my agent. Thanks Nikita and keep up the very good work. You should be proud of yourself!”
Kind regards,


To Anyone looking to Migrate to Canada, Migrate International are top class!
I have only been working with migrate international for the last 2 months but I can only say good things.
They are very helpful, punctual and have great insight.
I am currently Working with a lady named Nikita and I must say she has been more than just a Immigration Case Manager but someone with seemingly endless volumes of energy and who I believe is really passionate about what she does. That passion spills over into how I go about doing the things I need to do in order to achieve my goal of working in Vancouver.
It is still early days but thus far I cannot suggest them enough to someone who is looking for the full package to get oversees quickly and effectively.
Grant de Sousa


Hi Duncan,
I was very happy and impressed the great service that you and your team provided.
Its not often I deal with a service provider who provides such great service.
What I really liked was that you listened and made informed decisions based on the information I provided.
Thank you for this and all the best for 2017.


Great Company to work with and we are getting ready for our Move to Canada.
The staff at Migrate International are fantastic and always had the time to see me and my Family at their luxury offices which I might add are stunning in Cape Town.
I would like to thank everyone involved on my case and especially Nikita for all the extra effort you put into our case you’re a star!!
Regards Sue and Family


I started the immigration process in December 2015 with Migrate International and have now been invited to Apply for my Canadian Permanent Residency which is the best feeling in the world as me and my family have been wanting to immigrate to Canada now for the last 5 years.
I would like to thank everyone at Migrate International that worked on my case especially Duncan and their agent Heather in Canada for making this happen for me and my family, we are truly grateful.
The services I received were outstanding and the support from everyone was fantastic at Migrate International and we thank you for never giving up on my family’s case even when we felt we would never get our visas.
Your expertise and professionalism on my application was second to none and we recommend you to anyone out there looking at the immigration process.
All the best and keep doing what you’re doing.


I would like to say a big thank you to Gail for her outstanding customer service!
She has been a pillar of strength for me and my family during our decision to immigrate to Canada and has been very helpful explaining the process to us and what we can expect along the way for our big move to Canada.
We have started the process and have been introduced to our lovely case manager Nikita who is very professional and knowledgeable and who is currently guiding us through the immigration application we are submitting for the Canadian Express Entry Program.
I would like to thank everyone at Migrate International and especially Gail for all the hard work you have put into my Family’s case to Canada.
Your services come highly recommended.
Johan Meyer


The services I have received from this company have been nothing less than brilliant. the staff are friendly and always keep me up to date with my visa application to Canada.
There agent in Canada has assessed all possible routes for me and my family to gain entry into Canada I have been advised that family sponsorship will be best as my daughter already lives in Canada and they will be submitting my application before the new cap opens in January. 2017 for the family sponsorship applications.
I want to thank everyone involved in my case and I have recommended you to other friends and family due to your excellent services you have provided me and my family.
Elandre Lourens


The services I have received from my agent Nikita are outstanding. I have been to their beautiful offices in Cape Town and they have delivered on all their promises. I would like to thank Duncan and his team for the excellent services I have received thus far.keep up the good work you all do. Greg and Family

Sandra Robertson

The guys at Migrate international are always available to help when i need them.

Ralph Kruger

Visa approved can’t wait to start my new life in Canada thanks Migrate International.

Prince Ndendze

Great company to work with, there staff are friendly and always have time for me and my family, we have now been selected for residency in Canada and are now starting the visa process keep up the good work you do.

Jade King

Deliver what they promise they have been very helpful and informative so far looking forward to seeing some more great service.

Clive Butcher

Great staff, Excellent customer service. Money well spent.

Dean Jones

Thanks for been so patient with me guys i know i can sometimes be a bit of a pain to deal with but you have been great with me appreciate it.

Greg Veitch

So glad I used this company they gave me the confidence and support i needed when at times i thought there was no hope of getting my visa approved. But I am glad to say i have now been granted Permanent residency for Australia  and we are over the moon. Thanks Migrate International.