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Visa Assessment For Canada

Are you ready to leave? Are you tired of crime, corruption, riots and instability of SA these days?

If you are below 50 years of age, have a 3-year degree or diploma and few years of experience - YOU CAN qualify for CANADIAN PERMANENT RESIDENCY VISA under Express Entry System.

The Express Entry Visa System is designed for individuals who have the qualifications, skills or experiences to fill Canada's skill shortages and contribute to the Canadian economy.
Up to 500 000 High Skilled Visas will be granted in 2019. Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the minimum visa requirements including having work experience in a managerial, skilled or semi-skilled occupation as well as meeting the pass mark on a points-based assessment. Successful applicants will obtain Canadian permanent residence, which will entitle them to live and work in Canada.
Those who meet the criteria will be accepted into a pool of candidates. Anyone who does not already have a job offer or a nomination from a province or territory, must register with The Employment Job Bank. Job Bank will eventually help connect Express Entry candidates with eligible employers in Canada.

No-obligation visa assessment.

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