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Work visas
for skilled migrants

You haven’t truly experienced life in another country until you’ve lived and worked like a local.

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Tourist and short stay

Travel visa is required to visit a country for a holiday, to see family and friends or to conduct a short business trip. There are a number of different travel visas types, depending on the purpose and duration of a visit.

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Expanding or setting up
a business overseas?

Business visa provides business people the opportunity of investing or establishing and managing a business in another country.

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Move to another country
and live like a local

The dream of many immigrants and highly prized around the world. Local Citizenship has many rewards including the right to vote, live, take up employment and the right to travel with a valuable passport.

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Get the best education
and secure your future

Student Visa allows international students to study at world-renowned universities, colleges, high schools, elementary schools or other academic institutions.

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